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Villa Rufolo & Cimbrone Gardens


Ravello is a terrace on the sea and ‘City of Music’. The village sits 360 meters above sea level and offers one of the best coastal views. Over the years it’s been the place where to build villas and castles, a holiday retreat, and the place of inspiration for many artists.

Today it’s the place to reach if you still want to enjoy the scenery of the Amalfi Coast and be away from the tourist crowd.

Things to See and Do in Ravello

Villa Rufolo

The Villa was built in the 13th century for the Rufolo family. Since then it’s been also the home of several popes including King Robert of Anjou and it was bought and restored in the 19th century by a Scottish botanist, Sir Francis Neville Reid.

Over the years, it has also inspired many artists from Boccaccio, who wrote about the Villa in its masterpiece the Decameron, and the musician Wagner to who one of the gardens was inspired.

Inside you can get to see the main tower, Torre Maggiore, which is now an interactive museum of all the art, archaeological finds, and ceramics linked to the Villa. As well as, the gardens with stunning views of the coast and which stage today one of the most important orchestral concert festivals. The ‘Ravello Festival‘ takes place every year, from July to August.

Monica’s parents Sabato and Adele, married in Ravello. Villa Rufolo proved a stunning location for their wedding photos.

Tickets to the Villa are €7. Purchase yours on their official website in advance otherwise at the ticket office.

Villa Cimbrone

The 11th century ‘Villa Cimbrone’ is only 10 minutes far by walk from Villa Rufolo and it is now a 5 star hotel.

The Villa was created by Ernest Beckett, a British banker, who transformed a ruined farmhouse into a fortified palace with towers, battlements and a mixture of Arabic, Venetian and Gothic details, and a garden which sits between the house and the cliff edge.

The gardens only are open to the public. In particular the ‘Belvedere of Infinity’ with it’s terrace overlooking the coast, it’s one of the main attraction.

Tickets to the gardens are €7 and can be purchased on the site only. To book a guide tour you will have to contact their customer service directly on the official website.


Ravello’s Cathedral, Duomo, it’s what you will find in the main square and it was built in the 11th century from the first bishop of Ravello. The cathedral shows an entire Byzantine style influence from the entrance bronze door of Barisano da Trani to the ancient frescoes, marble columns and mosaics inside.

Entrance is free.

How to get to Ravello

If you plan to stay with us, you’re in luck as its just 35 minutes’ drive from Villa Di Martino. By car take the right exiting Via Orazio and second exit to the roundabout following the signs to Corbara. From Corbara follow the signs, staying on the SP1 road, to Ravello.

Bear in mind the bus journey can take you up to 2 hours, therefore, we suggest to travel to Ravello by car, whether you can. From outside Villa Orazio, walk to ‘Caseificio Saturno’. On the opposite side of the road, there is a bus stop from where you can get the 5010 direction Minori, which is also the last stop. One in Minori take the bus 5120 direction Amalfi and stop in Castiglione. From there you can reach Ravello in only around 30 minutes’ walk.

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